Mac Snowball- Mini Lipstick Set

I wasn’t planning to write a blog post today but I was so excited to get this, I just HAD to sit down and review it.

So, today was the day. Today, Mac launched their Snowball Christmas collection. I have never ran to Debenhams so fast in my entire life. I wanted to buy the entire collection but  that would have quite possibly cost me my entire life, so I had to settle for one… well 12.

As i’ve already said, I got this set from Debenhams for £85- I know, expensive right? So worth it though.

First of all, this packaging… HOLY MOLEY its gorgeous. They come in this beautiful sparkly box, and the lipsticks themselves are in the most adorable little metallic packaging reflecting the colour of the lipstick.


Now, these lipsticks are minis. You get 1.8g per lipstick which is just over half the full sized lipsticks in which you get 3g. I personally think this size is great. They’re perfect to pop in your handbag, and lets be honest, whens the last time you finished an entire lipstick? I think i’ve only ever done that twice with Velvet Teddy. The colour selection in this set is also fab. You get a nice range of pinks, reds and browns meaning theres a lipstick in here for every occasion. It even includes 4 limited edition colours, and some of the standard best sellers. All of these have such a beautiful formula. They’re all super creamy and pigmented! So, lets get into the shades themselves.

1) Party commencing

img_9579.jpgThis is a matte light neutral pink. This is my least favourite shade in the collection. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous colour, but it just doesn’t suit my skin tone unfortunately. Its just a tad too light and washes out my complexion. This colour would look great on deeper skin tones.

2) Little Darling 


This is a gorgeous matte light peachy nude. I love this colour, I can definitely see myself reaching for this a lot all year round. It’s such a universal colour that would look great on all skin tones as its a ‘your lips but better’ kind of shade.

3) Please Me 


This is a matte rosy muted pink. Again, a gorgeous shade that I love. Not too bright, but not too plain either. I think this shade would look great on all skin tones and would make a great staple to any make up collection.

4) Mangrove 


This is a matte hot, bright red. Now, I have a love hate relationship with red lipstick. I love them because they look so classy, but I hate them on me. My skin tone and hair colour make finding a red lipstick that suits me an almost impossible task. This lipstick however has changed my opinion. This colour is so flattering, its got almost an orangey undertone, which I think suits my skin tone perfectly. This colour is quite bright so is probably for the more daring, but either way its gorgeous. This would look great on both deeper and lighter skin tones.

5) Ruby Woo 


Everyone knows about this beauty. This is a very matte hot red with a blue undertone. Again, this is another lipstick that has changed my opinion on red lips. Ive always avoided Ruby Woo in the past as I didn’t want to waste my money on a lipstick I thought wouldn’t suit me, so when I saw it was in this set I was very excited to give it a try. It did not disappoint, this looks gorgeous. Its so pigmented and very matte, which I love. This looks great on all skin tones- everyone needs a red in their collection!

6) Rebel 


This is a midtonal plum shade. This is my second least favourite in this set. Its a satin finish, which I’m not a fan of- I’m more of a matte kind of gal. Aside from the finish, I feel this colour isn’t as pigmented as all the others in this set. The colour however is beautiful. I didn’t think I was going to like this colour on me, but I was pleasantly surprised. This would look great on deeper skin tones.

7) Flat Out Fab 


This is a matte bright pinky plum. The name of this lipstick says it all, its FLAT OUT FAB. This is so pigmented and so creamy, applying it is a dream. It is also a gorgeous colour. Again, I didnt think this colour was going to suit me, but I love it. It is quite a bright colour so is probably not to everyones taste, but I like it!  This would suit all skin tones.

8) Good Kisser 


This is a matte midtone fuchsia. I absolutely love this colour- (are you guys seeing a trend here?) This colour again, is so so pigmented, its like the brighter the colour the more pigmented these lipsticks get, its great! This colour would suit all skin tones.

9) Diva


(I will warn you now, heres where the lip swatches sort of start to go down hill- swatching 12 lipsticks at once is hard ok)

This is a intense matte reddish-burgundy colour. This colour is perfect for this time of year. It almost gives a grungy sort of vibe, which I actually really like. This colour would again look great on all skin tones.

10) Velvet Teddy 


Do I even need to introduce this guy? Everyone and their mums love Velvet Teddy. It is a beautiful matte deep tone beige that is the most perfect nude lipstick for almost every occasion and every skin tone. I honestly cannot say enough good things about this lipstick, this is my go to everyday lipstick. Ive already gone through 2 and a half full size ones of these so was very happy to find this in the set.

11) Whirl 


Again, a crowd pleaser. This is a matte dirty rose colour. It is very similar to Velvet Teddy, just darker. Again, I love this colour. Its such a good staple for any makeup collection and is so universal. This would suit all skin tones.

12) Stone 

IMG_9594.JPGThis is a matte muted brown with a grey undertone. This is a beautiful deep colour for this time of year, and I think it would look great on all skin tones. Probably not one of my favourites in the set, but I still love it and will get wear out of it. (Ignore how awkward I look pls)

Overall, I think Mac have really pulled it out of the bag with this set. It contains such a wide variety of colours for every skin tone and occasion. Im also super happy that it contains the 3 crowd pleasers- Ruby Woo, Velvet Teddy and Whirl- as these are great staples to any makeup collection. I know £85 sounds like a lot of money, but I would definitely recommend this set to any lipstick lovers!

Have you guys brought any items from this collection? If so, which items and what do you think of them? Im hoping to get my hands on some more after pay day!

-T xx

September Favourites and Disappointing Products

I am aware that it is currently the 8th of October and I am over a week late, but its better late than never right?

This past month has been absolutely crazy for me, ive worked lots, been on holiday, and started my second year at uni so finding time to blog has been a struggle, but here I am. I have some exciting products to share with you this month so lets jump straight in.

As usual, lets start with my favourites.

1) Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette 


This month I finally managed to get my hands on the most wanted palette of 2017, and holy cannoli it did not disappoint. This is BY FAR the best morphe palette yet and possibly the best palette ive ever tried. I know I don’t need to say much about it as I’m sure you guys have seen tonnes of reviews and swatches online, but this is honestly the most pigmented palette ive ever used. From mattes to shimmers, this palette is packed full of pigment. You also get a nice range of colours from everyday mattes to bold pops of colour meaning you can create endless looks. The only thing I’m not so keen on is the packaging. Dont get me wrong, its beautiful but where its white and cardboard, things get messy fast. If you guys didnt manage to get your hands on the palette this month, it is landing back on beauty bay on the 12th of October so set some reminders!

2) Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection


Again, this is a set of products I don’t need to say much about- check out my last blog post for my full review. I only purchased three products from the range but I love every single one of them whole heartedly! Not only do all three smell absolutely incredible, the eyeshadow palette is super pigmented, the setting spray is super mattifying all day and the powder helps control my oil- what more could a girl want? I have used the setting spray and the powder EVERY DAY since I received them at the beginning of September so they have fast become some of my ride or die products! I’m currently saving up to purchase some more items from the collection so keep an eye out for my review.

3) Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturiser 

I brought this product at duty free for my holiday as I hate wearing foundation when I’m on holiday as the heat, combined with my oily skin gives it a life span of about 0.2 seconds. I brought this on recommendation from my sister, who like me, has oily skin. For a tinted moisturiser, this baby has some coverage! This gives a nice medium coverage which can be made full  by adding concealer over the top. This is also a gel creme formula so is great for oily skin and this lasts a surprisingly long time on my skin. I have found myself reaching for this product a lot throughout the month when I don’t want to wear a heavy face of makeup, but still want to look presentable.

4) Makeup Revolution, Ultra Sculpt and Highlight Palette 

Makeup revolution is fast becoming my favourite drug store brand. Their products are so cheap, but such good quality, and this isn’t an exception. This palette is so pigmented and so bendable, it compares to some of my high end palettes. The highlight is so blinding its unreal, and the bronzer is a perfect shade for my skin tone. For £3.50, you can’t go wrong!

5) Pixi Brow Tamer 

I received this product in my glossy box and decided to give it a go, and id say its pretty much completely replaced my Benefit gimme brow this month! This is a clear brow gel so it doesn’t alter the colour of your brow products, but it does an amazing job of keeping my eyebrows in place all day without them feeling… crunchy? Does anyone else get crunchy eyebrows sometimes or is it just me? Some eyebrow gels leave an almost hairspray feel to your eyebrow hairs which feels gross, but this one doesn’t! The only thing I don’t like about this, is that the tube is clear so you can see the gel get mucky after uses as your brow product mixes with the product in the tube and goes a gross muddy colour, but this isn’t enough to put me off!

6) Lush I Love Juicy Shampoo 

As you all know, I have oily skin, so it won’t come as a surprise to you to know that I have very oily hair too. I normally have to wash my hair everyday to avoid it looking like a greasy mess but this shampoo has changed that. The natural fruit enzymes in this product help to absorb the oil my hair produces meaning that I can go two days before I need to wash my hair again, which saves me a lot of time in the mornings! This shampoo also gives my fine hair a lovely voluminous bounce when blowdried. It also smells incredible and is cruelty free!

7) Iconic London Fan Brush

This brush has changed my contour game big time. This is the perfect brush to get a perfectly precise, straight, blended contour that makes you look like your face has been chiselled by gods- (can you tell I’m a fan?.. no pun intended). Not to mention this brush is super soft so feels nice on the skin! I got this brush in a set with 6 others for £65 which is pricey, but definitely worth it.

And now for my disappointing products, theres only 2, so its been a good month!

1) Smashbox Pore Minimising Primer 

I really want to like this product, but I just don’t. I really don’t. I’d heard such good things about smash box primers and I love my benefit porefessional so I wanted to give this a go, but nope not for me. This product feels so silicony, its unpleasant and when i apply it to my skin, instead of blending into my skin, it rolls off in little balls? I don’t even know how to describe it, but I definitely don’t like it.

2) Rodial Nourishing Lip pencil

This is another product I received in my glossy box from September. Don’t get me wrong, the colour of this pencil is a gorgeous berry shade. But this pencil claims to be nourishing and non drying but it’s not, at all. This product dried my lips out so so much, I had doubts that even my La Mer lip balm could bring my lips back. This is however, a good product for filing in the inside of sfx wounds.

So guys, thats my favourites and disappointing products for the month of September! Let me know if you tried any of the products mentioned and how they worked for you. Also let me know if you have any products you’d like me to try!

-T xx

Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection

Before I get into the review, I want to just catch you guys up a little as its been a while since my last post. I want to apologise for the delay in posting, i’ve been super busy and only got back from holiday on Friday! Secondly, I want to tell you guys some really exciting news! I’ve teamed up with a brand new company who specialise in cruelty free glitters, lashes, and makeup tools. They’re called ada cosmetics and are based on etsy- you can shop here.  Use the code ‘TERI10’ for 10% off your orders over $20!

So, lets jump into this review!

When I saw that Too Faced were working on a brand new launch I was instantly excited. When I saw that it was a peaches and cream collection, I was even more excited as my sweet peach items are to die for. The only thing I was a little disappointed about, was that the collection is only exclusive to Sephora, which for us UK girls and guys, is a bit of a bummer. However, I hastily went over to the Sephora website on the day of the launch and tested the water. To my surprise, a little message from Sephora popped up saying shipping to the UK was now available and capped at just £6 for any orders over £75. I instantly started shopping.

The collection itself contains a wide variety of products that are all very reasonably priced, and seem to be targeted towards oiler skin types such as myself. To start myself off, I opted to go for the ‘Just Peachy Velvet Matte’ Eyeshadow palette (£37.10), the Peach Mist Mattifying setting spray (£26.38), and the Peach Perfect Mattifying setting powder (£26.38). I will warn you now, customs was a b****. My £6 shipping very quickly turned into £26 shipping, but I went ahead and ordered anyway.

I was expecting a very long wait for this parcel as it was coming from the states, however it was with me in just over a week. The package itself was very well wrapped to avoid any breakages. The products themselves came in beautiful boxing as shown in the header image, and the packaging inside was to die for.

Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette 

This eyeshadow palette is amazing. Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous and feels nice and expensive. The shadows smell incredible, i’d go as far to say this smells better than the sweet peach collection! You get a nice selection of colours that allow you to create a variety of different looks, from day time glam to full glam! All shades, including the light shades are extremely pigmented and buttery. They all blend like a dream on the eyes, but I would say you need to tap the excess off your brush and build the colours up where they are so pigmented. This palette is quickly becoming one of my favourites, I haven’t put it down since I got it!

Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray 


The first thing I noticed about this setting spray was that it contains 120ml which is more than most setting sprays- for example MAC Fix Plus is 100ml. This was a bonus for me as I drench my face in setting spray- no shame. This spray, again, smells incredible which makes drenching my face even more pleasurable. The mist on this spray is extremely fine, almost to the point where it doesnt feel like you’ve managed to spray your face. This isn’t a problem for me, as I prefer the finer mists as they don’t leave any white/wet patches on my face. This spray claims to be mattifying and its not lying. As someone with oily skin, finding a ‘mattifying’ setting spray that actually works and keeps my skin looking matte throughout the day is a struggle, but this does exactly that! This product gets a 10/10 from me.

Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder 


Im not usually a fan of loose powders as I find them incredibly messy and I’m not into baking, but when I saw this in the collection, I picked it up anyway in hope it would change my mind. This powder has done exactly that. You get a nice generous amount (35g), which is good as you always use more loose powder than you would a pressed powder. It also has a solution to help avoid messy travelling and storage situations! It has a very cute peach embossed little plastic cap which clips down when the powder is not in use to prevent any powder entering the lid and going everywhere when you open it! This is handy for me as it means I can carry this around in my handbag without the usual mess. Again this powder smells incredible, which is expected given how good the other two products smelt. It claims to be mattifying and again it isn’t lying. Combined with the setting spray, this powder keeps my oil at bay all day which is a god send! The powder comes in one colour which is ‘translucent peach’. Honestly I’m not sure how peach can be translucent but I gave it a go anyway. The powder does look a peachy colour in the pan, which gives the impression that it may alter the colour of the foundation or concealer underneath, but its true to its name and is translucent!

I would definitely recommend these products to anyone who is thinking about buying them or to anyone who has oily skin. I absolutely love all 3 of these and will definitely be purchasing more from the collection in the near future! Let me know if any of you guys have purchased anything from the collection and how you’re getting on with them!

If anyone would like to see any looks i’ve created using this palette, then please go ahead and follow me on Instagram (@happinessbringsbeauty), I would really appreciate it! I’m hosting a giveaway when I reach 1K to thank you all for your constant support<3

-T xx

August Favourites and Disappointing Products

It literally feels like yesterday that I was posting my July favourites, I can’t believe how fast August has gone! But the month is coming to an end, so its time to see what i’ve been loving and hating this month! As usual, lets start with the favourites.

Creme de la Mer Lip Balm 


I have never heard a bad thing about Creme de la Mer and have always wanted to try their products, but with face creams retailing for around the £300 mark, I opted for the ‘cheaper’ option. I say ‘cheaper’ because this lip balm was definitely not cheap. This retails for £48 which makes this possibly the priciest lip balm i’ve ever seen. However, I bit the bullet and brought it, and I LOVE it. It contains La Mer’s famous miracle broth which is a potent cocktail of sea kelp, vitamins C, E and B12, essential oils and other beneficial compounds. The prices of La Mer’s products are so high due to this Miracle Broth component, as the sea kelp is only harvested twice a year and the broth itself is made in a biofermentation process which takes 3-4 months, so lots of care and attention is taken when making these products. As well as the miracle broth, the lip balm contains a protein found in the arctic to help defend the delicate skin of the lips against harsh climates. It also contains mint which gives it a nice refreshing feel. I have perpetually dry lips and this has made them silky soft in just one week. I definitely recommend this product to anyone whose in the mood to splurge on a luxury product!

Mac Oil Control lotion 

As an oily skinned person, I am constantly looking for new products to try help control my oil and this little gem has done just that. I purchased this for £10 from Mac. This is a very lightweight formula. Although it is an oil control lotion, it doesnt dry out the skin, its actually very moisturising without being oily. This is great for use under make up before a primer or as a primer, and makes a great dupe for my Estee Lauder Day Wear Matte moisturiser. I notice that this does help control my oil, but it doesn’t stop it completely, which is fine with me because I wasn’t expecting a miracle!

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara 

This is the most bizarre unique formula i’ve ever seen in a mascara. The formula itself looks and feels very dry on the wand, and when applying it doesn’t go clumpy as it’s not wet, but it applies a generous amount of product to the lashes. It’s so hard to explain the consistency unless you’ve tried it yourself. I personally like the drier formula of this mascara as I find it is less messy to apply and doesn’t clump my lashes together. The wand of this mascara is very big which gives great volume to the lashes. This retails for £11.99 from Superdrug.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Lipgloss in Papa Don’t Peach


Im not usually a gloss lover but this little cutie has stolen my heart. Not only does this smell incredible like the rest of the sweet peach range, its super pigmented and moisturising without being sticky like a traditional lipgloss. This colour goes perfectly with any makeup look. This can be worn by itself as a highly pigmented nude gloss, or over a nude lipstick. This retails for £16 from Debenhams.

NYX Eyeliners 

Vivid Brights Liner in Halo and Glam liner in NO.9


These liners are absolutely amazing! These retail for £5.50 each and come in a huge range of shades. The vivid brights liners come in every colour of the rainbow- which I will be investing in- and the glam liner comes in a beautiful gold glitter. These are so pigmented, the swatches above show just one swipe of each of the liners! For such a cheap price these are a great addition to any makeup collection as they bring a bit of extra glam to any makeup look.

Mac Retro Matte Liquid lip colour in Bengal Tiger 



As someone who usually sticks to nudes, it took some pushing to get me to purchase this lipstick, but I’m so glad I did! This is a super vibrant red-orange lipstick that looks amazing on all skin tones. With a simple eye look, this lipstick really makes a statement. This retails for £17.50 from Mac. This dries down completely matte and lasts all day. I wore this to work, worked a 9 hour shift, ate lunch and dinner, and it still looked perfect. My only downfall of this lipstick is that it is quite drying, but with the mac prep and prime lip primer underneath, you’re on to a winner!

And now for the disappointing products. Now, although ive listed these two products in my disappointing section, I’m completely on the fence with them. I don’t completely hate them, but I don’t really love them either. Im going to continue to use the following two products to see if I can get a definitive opinion.

BH Cosmetic Foil Eye Palette 

This palette retails for £13 and you get 28 eyeshadows, so its pretty good value for money. However I am so on the fence with this palette. It swatches beautifully as shown above, but it doesn’t apply like that to they eyes. When you try and blend these shadows, they blend away into nothing. They also don’t pack onto the lid with a brush very well either, they don’t appear as pigmented as they do when swatched which is disappointing. However, I am going to persist and try and make these work because there are some beautiful shades in this palette.

Elf Expert Liner 




This liner retails for just £3 which is an absolute bargain. However I am again on the fence with this product. Its so pigmented, like literally the blackest liquid liner ive ever tried, and it applies nicely to the eyes with the little brush. But it bleeds. You can see in the swatch above, it bleeds into all the little lines in my skin meaning that my eyeliner doesn’t look straight when I apply it. Despite the bleeding, I think for £3 this is a good liquid liner for beginners.

So, they’re my favourites and disappointing products for the month of August! Let me know if you guys have tried any of them and what your thoughts on them are. Also let me know what some of your favourites are so I can give them a try!

-T xx

Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin

As someone who suffers with oily skin, I know how hard it is to find a foundation that lasts more than a few hours on the skin. After years of hunting, i’ve finally found my top 5 foundations for oily skin, so I thought id share them with you guys to help some of you out!

Ive found a range of high end and drug store foundations that work brilliantly on my oily skin, so there should be something here to suit everyones budgets! I’m going to start from number 5 and work my way down, there may be a few surprises in here!

5) Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 

I had very high hopes for this foundation as i’ve seen numerous beauty gurus rave about how good it is, and when I saw it was oil free, I just knew I had to try it. I personally did not buy this foundation, as I like to test whether a foundation is going to work with my skin before I invest, so I only got a tester of this. This foundation however, retails for £29 from Debenhams or Selfridges. This is the most expensive foundation out of the 5 I’m talking about today, and it’s my least favourite of the 5. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good foundation. The coverage is medium to full which is my preference in a foundation, and it applies beautifully to the skin, almost looking as though you aren’t wearing any at all. This does work well with oily skin, it doesn’t break up at all which happens with 90% of the foundations i’ve ever tried. However, it does get shiny in my oily areas, which isn’t a problem for me as I always carry a translucent powder to remattify. After applying translucent powder to the shiny areas, this foundation goes back to looking flawless. The reason why I have placed this foundation at number 5 is because it gets shiny a lot quicker than the other 4 foundations I’m going to talk about today. I am wearing this foundation as I write this review, and i’ve only had it on for 2 and a half hours and its already looking shiny. This is a good foundation for anyone who has oily skin and doesn’t mind having to apply powder every 2-3 hours.

4) Jordana Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2 in 1 Foundation

Im not going to say a lot about this foundation as I posted my full review last week- if you’re interested go check it out. This foundation surprised me a lot. At only £5 from beauty bay, this foundation is great for oily skinned humans like me. This foundation has good coverage, more of a medium coverage, and a nice matte finish. Again this foundation gets shiny in my t-zone, but I have placed this foundation above the Too Faced one as it takes longer to get shiny. I wore this for a whole day and noticed it getting oily around the 3 hour mark. Again this is a good medium coverage foundation for oily skin, especially for people on a budget or for people who don’t want to spend a fortune on makeup. Bare in mind that you do have to reapply powder every 3 or so hours with this foundation.

3) No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

This foundation retails for £15 from Boots. It claims to be a medium to full coverage foundation, and its not lying. I’d say this leans more towards a full coverage foundation. Another great thing about this, is that No7 offer a colour matching service which makes choosing your perfect shade 1000000x easier than it normally is. This foundation contains oil absorbing powders which helps to maintain a flawless finish all day. Again this foundation does get a little oily but not to the extent of the other two previously mentioned and after 4 hours, so lasts a little longer on the skin than the others. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from oily, blemish prone skin as it is full coverage and holds up well against oil. Again, you do have to apply powder over the top of this foundation during the day to maintain its matte finish, but it doesnt break up at all.

2) Mac Studio Fix Foundation

I have no idea why, but id never tried a Mac foundation until last week. I’d heard that they weren’t good for oily skin at all so id always avoided them but after speaking to a lovely lady at the Mac store last week, I decided to grab a tester of the studio fix foundation, and I’m so glad I did. This foundation retails for £23.50 from Mac itself. For such a thin foundation, this has insane coverage, a little goes a very long way. I’d say this is a medium to full coverage foundation. It has a nice matte finish, and looks flawless when applied all over the face with a beauty blender. I wore this foundation to work last week and worked a 9 hour shift, so had it on my face for around 10 hours and only had to reapply powder once to combat the shine. This was such a surprise for me as I’m used to having to reapply powder 3-4 times a day! This pairs amazingly with the Mac prolong wear concealer which is also an incredible concealer for oily skin. This foundation is great for anyone with oily skin looking for a high coverage foundation, that they can wear all day with minimal touch ups required.

1) Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation 

I’d never ever tried an Inglot product in my life until yesterday, and its safe to say I am well and truly converted. This foundation retails for £23 from Inglot. I didn’t buy a full size foundation, I again got a sample, but I will be purchasing in the near future! This foundation has amazing coverage. They weren’t lying when they said perfect coverup, this is a very full coverage foundation. It also has a very matte finish which is great for people with oily skin. I wore this foundation yesterday for around 7 hours and was absolutely gob smacked to find that I didnt have to reapply powder at all. This foundation stayed completely matte, even on my very oily t-zone, all day. I have never ever tried a foundation that works or lasts this well on my oily skin. I would definitely definitely recommend this foundation to anyone who suffers from oily skin, and is looking for a foundation that will work for them. This has been the best makeup find I have found all year. Honestly, anyone with oily skin will know how much of a big deal it is to find a foundation that works for them, and this is it! I know its a little pricey but its definitely worth the money. I would recommend getting colour matched in store if possible as the shades are a little difficult to figure out as the number corresponds with under tones rather than shades.

So, they’re my top 5 favourite foundations for oily skin! Let me know if any of you have tried any of these and how you got on with them. Also let me know in the comments if you have any other recommendations for foundations that work well with oily skin so I can try them out!

-T xx





£5 Foundation?! Hit or Miss?

I was browsing beauty bay last week for some new drug store makeup to try, and came across the Jordana Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2 in 1 Concealer and Foundation- boy thats a long name. Reading the maximum coverage I was intrigued as I really like a full coverage foundation. Then I saw it was only £5 and thought what did I have to lose?

On beauty bay, this foundation has a 5 star rating with some really good reviews so I was very excited to give it a go! Upon clicking on the foundation, I found there wasn’t a very wide selection of shades to choose from – I believe there is only 5 – which is a little disappointing, but for the price I didn’t really expect many more. I opted for the lightest one, as I’m naturally quite pale and headed straight to the checkout!

When this foundation arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging. It looks nice and sleek, but doesn’t feel cheap which was what I was expecting for such a cheap price. I squeezed out a little of the foundation on the back of my hand, and the first thing I noticed was that it was extremely yellow. This worried me a little as I’m not a Simpson, but for the sake of £5 I didn’t really care if it wasn’t my colour. The formula is also very thick, which is expected as its a two in one foundation and claims to be maximum coverage.

img_2580-3.jpgTo give this foundation a fair trial, I applied one side of my face with a beauty blender and one side with a dense kabuki brush. Being a thicker foundation, I expected it to apply better with the brush, but I was surprised to find that it applied equally as well with the beauty blender. It is very easy to blend, and you’ll be pleased to know that when blended the yellowness does die down a lot. Considering I brought this foundation online, I was surprised to find that its almost a perfect match to my skin tone – I know it doesn’t look it from the photo above but have faith.

Coverage wise, I wouldn’t say this is maximum coverage as I have definitely worn higher coverage foundations, but it isn’t bad. It definitely covers a lot, but id say its more of a medium-full coverage. Don’t expect your face to look airbrushed, I found I could still see my dark circles so had to go in with a concealer over the top. This wasn’t an issue for me due to the foundation being so cheap anyway. Where this foundation is so thick, I did notice that it creased a lot under my eyes – I’m talking crease to the point where theres no foundation on certain parts of your under eyes. This I found, that on my skin, was an unavoidable problem. No matter how many times I blended my under eyes, and no matter how much powder I used to bake, they still creased. This is annoying as it makes me look about 50 years old not 20, but with the foundation being so cheap, I kind of expected some downfalls.

The true test was my oily skin. There are very few foundations that I can wear for a full day without them breaking up on my skin. I wore this foundation for around 6 hours yesterday and was actually quite surprised with its longevity. When applied, this foundation gives a matte finish which was a good sign. I did notice that after around 3 hours of wear my face looked incredibly shiny on my t-zone, but the foundation hadn’t broken down at all. This was very impressive as some foundations that i’ve paid £30+ for don’t last that long on my skin. I blotted the shiny areas and applied a layer of translucent powder and the foundation was back to how it looked when I first applied it.


Overall, I think this foundation is very good value for money. Despite creasing under my eyes, this foundation has good coverage, a good colour match, good longevity and a ridiculously good price. For anyone looking for a cheap foundation for travelling, or for anyone who just doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a foundation, I would definielty recommend giving this one a try. This is the first product I have tried from Jordana, and will definitely be trying more!

Let me know if any of you guys have tried this foundation and how you got on with it! Does anyone else know of any really good cheap drug store items I can try?

-T xx



Nyx Vivid Brights Palette

Being a beauty blogger who posts daily makeup looks, bright eyeshadows are an almost essential part of my beauty collection, so I decided it was time I invest. I was planning on buying individual eyeshadows from makeup geek to make up my bright collection, but I’ve seen so many people post such amazing looks using this palette, so I thought id look it up. This palette retails for £16 on the Nyx website, which is considerably less than I was planning on paying so I thought why not. For £16 what did I really have to lose?

When the palette arrived, I don’t know why, but I was expecting it to be bigger. The size however doesn’t bother me as its nice and compact for travelling. The packaging is very simple plastic and feels quite cheap, but again, this doesn’t bother me- as long as the shadows work, I don’t really care what the packaging looks like!

When watched, these shadows are pigmented, but not as pigmented as other shadows I’ve used- I’d say they were pretty average. I was surprised however to find that the brighter colours, such as the yellow and the blues, are more pigmented than the slightly duller colours like the lilac. Although I wasn’t over impressed with the swatches, the true test was how they applied to the eyes.


These shadows have quite a bit of kick-up when you dip your brush in them, but to me, that means they’re going to blend quite nicely, and they did. These shadows literally blend so effortlessly which was a surprise for me as I thought bright shadows would be more difficult to blend and mistakes more noticeable. These shadows are also quite pigmented when used as transition shades, so you do have to use a light hand and apply the colour a little at a time otherwise it can be a bit too intense to quickly. When packed onto the lids however, I don’t feel these shadows are as pigmented, they take some building up, but you can get them to be incredibly vibrant with a little patience. For the price I paid, I’m impressed with the quality.

You get such a wide range of colours in this palette, it allows you to create pretty much any look you can think of. I think for anyone who posts makeup looks/tutorials online, bright colours are a must have as they allow you to do something a little different and experimental. If you’re looking for bright shadows and don’t want to spend a fortune on individual ones, id definitely recommend this palette as it is very good quality for such a small price.

I will definitely be purchasing some more products from Nyx as I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these shadows. Do any of you guys have any Nyx products you could reccommend?

(These 3 looks and more can be found on my Instagram: @happinessbringsbeauty)

-T xx