Nyx Vivid Brights Palette

Being a beauty blogger who posts daily makeup looks, bright eyeshadows are an almost essential part of my beauty collection, so I decided it was time I invest. I was planning on buying individual eyeshadows from makeup geek to make up my bright collection, but I’ve seen so many people post such amazing looks using this palette, so I thought id look it up. This palette retails for £16 on the Nyx website, which is considerably less than I was planning on paying so I thought why not. For £16 what did I really have to lose?

When the palette arrived, I don’t know why, but I was expecting it to be bigger. The size however doesn’t bother me as its nice and compact for travelling. The packaging is very simple plastic and feels quite cheap, but again, this doesn’t bother me- as long as the shadows work, I don’t really care what the packaging looks like!

When watched, these shadows are pigmented, but not as pigmented as other shadows I’ve used- I’d say they were pretty average. I was surprised however to find that the brighter colours, such as the yellow and the blues, are more pigmented than the slightly duller colours like the lilac. Although I wasn’t over impressed with the swatches, the true test was how they applied to the eyes.


These shadows have quite a bit of kick-up when you dip your brush in them, but to me, that means they’re going to blend quite nicely, and they did. These shadows literally blend so effortlessly which was a surprise for me as I thought bright shadows would be more difficult to blend and mistakes more noticeable. These shadows are also quite pigmented when used as transition shades, so you do have to use a light hand and apply the colour a little at a time otherwise it can be a bit too intense to quickly. When packed onto the lids however, I don’t feel these shadows are as pigmented, they take some building up, but you can get them to be incredibly vibrant with a little patience. For the price I paid, I’m impressed with the quality.

You get such a wide range of colours in this palette, it allows you to create pretty much any look you can think of. I think for anyone who posts makeup looks/tutorials online, bright colours are a must have as they allow you to do something a little different and experimental. If you’re looking for bright shadows and don’t want to spend a fortune on individual ones, id definitely recommend this palette as it is very good quality for such a small price.

I will definitely be purchasing some more products from Nyx as I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these shadows. Do any of you guys have any Nyx products you could reccommend?

(These 3 looks and more can be found on my Instagram: @happinessbringsbeauty)

-T xx

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