£5 Foundation?! Hit or Miss?

I was browsing beauty bay last week for some new drug store makeup to try, and came across the Jordana Complete Cover Maximum Coverage 2 in 1 Concealer and Foundation- boy thats a long name. Reading the maximum coverage I was intrigued as I really like a full coverage foundation. Then I saw it was only £5 and thought what did I have to lose?

On beauty bay, this foundation has a 5 star rating with some really good reviews so I was very excited to give it a go! Upon clicking on the foundation, I found there wasn’t a very wide selection of shades to choose from – I believe there is only 5 – which is a little disappointing, but for the price I didn’t really expect many more. I opted for the lightest one, as I’m naturally quite pale and headed straight to the checkout!

When this foundation arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging. It looks nice and sleek, but doesn’t feel cheap which was what I was expecting for such a cheap price. I squeezed out a little of the foundation on the back of my hand, and the first thing I noticed was that it was extremely yellow. This worried me a little as I’m not a Simpson, but for the sake of £5 I didn’t really care if it wasn’t my colour. The formula is also very thick, which is expected as its a two in one foundation and claims to be maximum coverage.

img_2580-3.jpgTo give this foundation a fair trial, I applied one side of my face with a beauty blender and one side with a dense kabuki brush. Being a thicker foundation, I expected it to apply better with the brush, but I was surprised to find that it applied equally as well with the beauty blender. It is very easy to blend, and you’ll be pleased to know that when blended the yellowness does die down a lot. Considering I brought this foundation online, I was surprised to find that its almost a perfect match to my skin tone – I know it doesn’t look it from the photo above but have faith.

Coverage wise, I wouldn’t say this is maximum coverage as I have definitely worn higher coverage foundations, but it isn’t bad. It definitely covers a lot, but id say its more of a medium-full coverage. Don’t expect your face to look airbrushed, I found I could still see my dark circles so had to go in with a concealer over the top. This wasn’t an issue for me due to the foundation being so cheap anyway. Where this foundation is so thick, I did notice that it creased a lot under my eyes – I’m talking crease to the point where theres no foundation on certain parts of your under eyes. This I found, that on my skin, was an unavoidable problem. No matter how many times I blended my under eyes, and no matter how much powder I used to bake, they still creased. This is annoying as it makes me look about 50 years old not 20, but with the foundation being so cheap, I kind of expected some downfalls.

The true test was my oily skin. There are very few foundations that I can wear for a full day without them breaking up on my skin. I wore this foundation for around 6 hours yesterday and was actually quite surprised with its longevity. When applied, this foundation gives a matte finish which was a good sign. I did notice that after around 3 hours of wear my face looked incredibly shiny on my t-zone, but the foundation hadn’t broken down at all. This was very impressive as some foundations that i’ve paid £30+ for don’t last that long on my skin. I blotted the shiny areas and applied a layer of translucent powder and the foundation was back to how it looked when I first applied it.


Overall, I think this foundation is very good value for money. Despite creasing under my eyes, this foundation has good coverage, a good colour match, good longevity and a ridiculously good price. For anyone looking for a cheap foundation for travelling, or for anyone who just doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a foundation, I would definielty recommend giving this one a try. This is the first product I have tried from Jordana, and will definitely be trying more!

Let me know if any of you guys have tried this foundation and how you got on with it! Does anyone else know of any really good cheap drug store items I can try?

-T xx



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